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I'm Always On Time Spirit Is Always EARLY ... & WE'RE NEVER LATE ! 🔥🔥🔥

Closing Out 🤚🏽 What NO LONGER SERVES ME FOR GOOD! I have been experiencing some deep realizations ..... About alot of things, people ✨ 😌 And situations.... I have been on deep purging, healing, Emotional upheaval.... and currently .... Working through my OWN SHADOWS .... Spirit gave me this download a week a go Today. Its starting to make alot of sense. When I need healing and clarity ✨ 😌 🙏🏽 AND THE TRUTH I go to a reader ! A Healer ... So I can tackle these things. I h

Do you Need A Cleanse?

Hello Soul Tribe 🪄🌟🧿 it's about that time. We are slowly approaching, Full moon energy ✨ & The Full Moon is a wonderful time to banish ... clear, release and cut cords, best thing of all 😳🧐 Its the perfect time to do a cleanse. To remove negativity that is 🧐🧿 Yessss lets get your SPIRIT TOGETHER!! & LETS CLEAR YOU PAST LIFE KARMA! LETS OPEN YOUR ROADS!!! If your feeling low in energy, feeling like something is weighing you down. Do you feel like your roads have be

Monday Magic

Afternoon Soul Tribe 🪄🌟 Today Is Monday .... & Mondays are linked to all things.... Psychic 🔮 😉🧘🏽‍♀️🧿 Mondays Magic 🎩 ✨ Planet: Moon 🌑 Crystals : Amethyst, Moon stone, Clear quartz #Manifestingmondays

Re-Up on your protection 📿🧿🔥

Blesseded Afternoon Soul Family 🪄🌟🧿 So the following message .... Came to me in a dream 😴✨ In-between Realms 😫🤣🤯 I don't know who this is for .... But I was told to pass it on .... So please read the following message ⬆️ Whoever this is for.... (FEMALE) you need to get one A.S.A.P & Thats That! Don't shoot the messenger #ManifestingMondays Asé 📿🪄🕯🧿🔥

Spirtual Healing Visualization & Manifestation Board 🪄🧘🏽‍♀️🧿🌟

Grand Rising Soul ✨ Tribe...... 📢 New Service Alert ‼️ Your Sorceress will now be offering ... Spiritual Healing 🌊 🧿 Visualization & Manifestation Board. This will be done in 3 months increments. Which it's totally up to you. If you so choose to continue this service. You can choose to do this in a yearly service bundle. Which means 😲 you will pay a one time fee. Yes a one time fee for the whole year, and every 3 months your board will be created. You can either have it s

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