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Black Car Dream Message ✨

Grand Rising Soul Tribe ✨ Dream Message: From Spirit: Black Car The message that I received.... About a Black car is that, you currently don't have any control over your life. And your lacking motivation.There is an obstacle, currently in your waking life that is preventing you from taking the steps 🚶🏾‍♂️ that you need to take. You know these steps are necessary and still haven't done it.This is a major sign of feeling helpless. This is also linked to your confidence and yo

Real Sisters

& with that being said 👏🏽 👌🏽 💯 Don't Call Me Sis ! If your not out here ..... Supporting ME .... & Actively making sure I'm out here .... Doing what I NEED TO BE DOING To better myself! AS A WOMAN! Yall can save that sister jabber .... For REAL WOMEN ! WHO HAVE PURE INTENTIONS 💯 NEXTT ‼️‼️‼️ #TalkAboutItTuesdays


Divine Channeling From Spirit ✨ Do not shoot the messenger: The download I received was in the form of energy : In the sacral chakra region 🙀🍒🍆 Cramping pain Like A heavy cycle Now im going to say exactly 💯 what I heard. The message was yall are not masturbating Whoever this message relates to wheewwww chilleeeeee. You are BACKED UP MY DEAR! Instead of you waiting around from someone to pleasure you...🍒🍆🙀😫 You need to be PLEASURING YOURSELF‼️ Take the time out

October 5th

Keep in mind .... To stay present .... On the present moment ! Stay centered in the here and now ..... Don't worry about the past 😉 because it's gone.... Don't worry or stress about the future 😉 ✨ 😌 because it hasn't happened yet ..... #TalkAboutItTuesdays


Aries ♈ Capricorn ♑ Libra ♎ Aquarius ♒ Cancer ♋....... This is all facts 💯👏🏽👌🏽🙌🏽 You know why .... Because spirit came to me yesterday..... And I got the same download. I might just add social media as soon as I'm done with shipping out orders. I was told to back off of people and take a break. They want me to take a break from personal interactions with people ! Picking up phone calls 📞 and answering personal text messages from other people. I was told to let ever

Clean Your Ancestor Altar

Blessed Afternoon 🌟 Soul Tribe 🌟 🧿 Yall keep walking pass that Altar Like yall dont see it .. or hear em Talking to yall .... Get up they said said .... And clean that ALTAR 👌🏽 👍🏾 💯 #TalkAboutItTuesdays

Venerate Your Ancestors

Let's Talk About It .... This is a Strong fact 💯💯 If I'm going to be real about it. Nothing don't move in your life without them. & of course The Most High 🌟 Rule of thumb 👍🏾 take care of your ancestors! They WILL work wonders in your entire ✨ Life Trust me when I say this .... my ancestors made it known ... They have been here way before I venerated Them. They were just waiting! Patiently. They have ALWAYS BEEN AROUND. Them (Ancestors) will protect you from EVER

I Said What I Said

And Yall Will Just There .... Until SHIT HIT THE FAN ! WAITING FOR THE SHOE TO DROP ! BLOOP IT just dropped.... so what Now 🤔 That's exactly why half of yall in the situations yall in .... not listening.... To your higherself .... and ignoring 🤯🙄 You intuition..... Imma Talk About It ! Because.... It's... #TalkAboutItTuesdays I said What I SAID!!! Asé 📿🪄🕯🧿🔥

Venus ❤ & Mars 🔥

The Balance Of .... Masculine & Feminine Energy Venus is all about Love 💘 While Mars is all about action 🎬 Use Energy for your benefit ✨ #TalkAboutItTuesdays Asé 📿🪄🕯🧿🔥

Please Be Advised! MUST READ 👀💯🪄🕯🧿

#TalkAboutItTuesdays Hello clients.... Scrollies.... viewers 👀😲 And soul Family..... @ethereal_sorceress777 @ethereal_sorceress777 Is My only Ig Business account. This is my only account where I Offer services to those who need healing. I just wanted to clarify this. To All of you who may not know... Or who may be possibly engaging in or with another page. That IS NOT ME! This is TRUTH. I have recently experienced Posts from another profile that was sent to me,

Venus & Mars

Love ❤ Energy + Fire 🔥 Energy = B.A.L.A.N.C.E. Around Relationships 🪄💫❤ Use this Energy for the better.... Balance your internal..... Masculine ♾ Feminine Within Focus on creating the balance ✨ #TalkAboutItTuesdays

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