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Refill Your Own DAMN GLASS 🍷

I Just refuse moving forward ..... My answer will be NO! There needs to be balance ⚖ There needs to be reciprocation 💯 If you can't pour into my Glass 🍷 I WILL not extend my energy to pour..... Into yours .. It WILL REMAIN DRY 💯 #WhatsHappeningWednesdays

Do Not Touch My JEWELRY!

Let me explain something 🤔 To you all real quick .... There is no reason .... why .... Any of you should feel compelled to ... 1. Walk yourself excuse me push yaself ... Into someone else's energy feild... 2. Touch someone's jewelry ✨ 🧿📿 The next time this happens there will be A physical altercation. You know why ... Because I will slap the dog shit 😒 😤 💯 Out of you so hard ... That IT WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO FIGHT BACK. I DO NOT CARE how beautiful my jewelry is I PAI

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