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A House Without An Altar Is Ungrounded.

This is just TRUTH ‼️

Shakey & Rocky 💯

No sense of self

& no sign of your bloodline.

No sense of your spiritual purpose ✨️

Now to each their own. I got a very important Download about this while I was in the shower 🚿 & even right before. While I was in the shower I heard make a post about it. Make a post about it.

So here it is. Take this post as it resonates.

Right now we are in the middle of a Spiritual War 🧿🔥

Which means your spiritual ✨️ protection should be up at all times. Cleanses, protections ect.

Whomever you may believe in and in whatever energetic form you see them as.

Your higher power should always come first and foremost. Now this is not a post talking about that. I just needed you all to see where I'm going With this message.

Your ancestors should be next in line. Your ancestors should come before anyone else. They should come before any diety, any saint, & orisha, God or goddess.That's just the honest truth. Your ANCESTORS are your DNA 🧬 that's your BLOODLINE they will step 🚶🏾‍♀️ in line way before anyone would to defend & ptotect you. All the praises 👏🏽 🙌🏽 & offerings should happen with your ANCESTORS first. That's your Lineage. Your heritage.

Most of you all don't understand why certain things keep happening, or why you may be feeling like nothing your asking for is not manifesting for you. Your ancestors are WAITING on YOU. Just like your sitting there WAITING on them. The ancestors for some of you all are displeased. They are watching 👀

One thing I've learned about the ancestors is, they will let not so good things happen for you. Just as they would let beautiful 🌟📿 things happen to teach you a lesson.

Just keep that in mind.

Just wanted to share the message I received on how to properly honor your ancestors 🪄🧿🔥

Blessings 🙌🏽 2022 🌟🧬

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