Age Of Aquarius ♒✨

Heals emotional traumaHello Soul Tribe 💜

Divine Channeling:

We are currently going through....

And are experiencing the Age Of Aquarius ♒. As a collective! ...

The following Chakras Need Your Attention At this time...

Crown chakra 🤍

Third Eye Chakra 💜

Throat Chakra 💙

Heart chakra 💚

These for Chakras Are vital ....

The energy is extremely intense.

So please nurture yourselves.

Working with aquamarine stone will help ...

With your transition ✨ ...

During the Coming Of The Age Of Aquarius ♒

The Aquamarine Stone Will Help With The Following:

*Heals emotional trauma #HeartChakra

*Cools high temper and conflict

*Relieves stress

*Helps get in touch with suppressed emotions

*Brings peace #Crownchakra

*Clears the mind #CrownChakra

*Calms the heart #HeartChakra

*Helps speak the truth #ThroatChakra

*Strengthens psychic abilities #ThirdEyeChakra

*Neptune Planetary Energy.... Both Air & Water Element helps ✨ with opening of your third Eye 👁✨ & Crown Chakra 👑🤯🧘🏽‍♀️

#FeminimeEnergy ...

Extremely Powerful 💫🪄

I suggest all of you who need 😏

I provide candles for all Of These Chakras ...

& for Neptune Energy....

Click the link in my bio to order yours today ...


Asé 📿🪄🕯🔥🧿


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