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Auset: Earth Element Message From Spirit #44 #4 #8 #Surrender

Afternoon Spirit Tribe ✨️ Messge From Spirit: If you have been sing the number #44 or #4 or #8 This message could very well be for you. Take what resonates and leave what doesnt. Spirit is saying that some of you need to get grounded. Your root ❤️ chakra is out of alignment. You all need to connect to Mother Earth 🌎 Ground and or Earthing Techniques Need to be implemented in your daily routine. The Message Is Linked To Bush 🌳 Element Which Is Infact To Earth. She Is the High Priestess The All Knowing 🔮 & The All Seeing 👁🧿👁 SPIRIT is asking from you to let it all go. They need you to surrender. SURRENDER ALL OF IT TO SPIRIT. So that you can finally breathe. If you say you believe in Spirit then why not let them show 🤲🏾 You. Some of you all are in connections with others and are BONDING off of trauma. It's a Trauma Bond Connection. Stop connecting to people off of YOUR & Or Their traumas and make meaningful connections ✨️ from THE HEALED VERSION OF YOURSELF. Hand the reigns over to the Divine and lean not on your own Innerstanding. Allow Spirit to fill in the missing pieces. You do not have to figure it all out at once or by yourself. Everything you need to know 👁🧿🔮 Will find you at the exact 💯 moment. When you need to know it.

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