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Be Mindful ... & Have Some Respect!

Just sharing a little message....

Please be mindful of my time and my energy. Im not here to hound people or remind you... on what YOU SAID YOU were going to do FOR YOU. I am not chasing no one nor am i begging anyone to honor their commitments they made to themselves. Or what you told the universe and spirit what you were going to do. Me holding anyone's hand at this time ... is done. Messages given to ME by MY HIGHER POWER! i relate the messages. And i put them out in divine timing. When you need them not when you want them. My time and my energy is not free. I do things out of the kindness of my spirit, and bc my ancestors want me to. If you cant do an Energy exchange, then dont ask for help. Its very simple. This is me taking back my power! And if you dont like it ! You know EXACTLY WHAT TO DO. Its called balance, reciprocity, equal give and take. You give i give. There will be no more taking from me while i get nothing! Those days are OVER! BE WELL ....

ASÉ 📿 🧿 🔥 💫

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