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Soul Family 💕🔥🧿👁


I have posted this before....

I was shuffling cards ... cleansing them ...


Ive had told yall this before. Yall overlook my post and DONT READ! Therefore....

Your hard HEADA WILL MAKE YOUR ASSES SOFT! i was told sitting in The Realm and communicating with source .... i heard the following .... that more than a hand full of my clients have been hit with BLACK MAGIC.

I told you all in a previous post.... that you were going to be hit....

Your love life and other things will go up in smoke. It will be done by people who you all know and by people you have never 🙅🏽‍♀️ even met! I asked God ... how many people who are my clients.... have been hit.... i heard a hand full. ✋🏽 I asked him to show it to me in the cards ... #33 #Communication which is actually the source card and the higher Realm and spirit 💫🧿👁 if you read the depiction of the card! And what it means. I asked 33 PEOPLE??? He said no ... add the numbers together. So 6 of yall HAVE BEEN HIT WITH BLACK MAGIC! If yall dont get ot handled or taken care of .... #2021 will be something you wont want to experience.


Asé 📿 🧿 🔥 💫

& be well ....

Im his messenger .....

And ive mentioned this before! & this is the last time .... i will say this.

Yall know who yall are! & if you dont know ...

You NEED TO ASK ‼️‼️‼️

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