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Can You Hold A Thought For 17 seconds?

Did you know that certain music you listen to can either raise your vibration or lower it? 🤔

Did you also know that It's Takes 17 seconds to hold onto a thought or a feeling, for it to manifest? 🤯🤔💭

I bet knowing this now, will have you being very careful and very consciously aware of your thoughts.

When your vibration is HIGH you attract more of that vibration into your life. When your vibration is LOW you will attract just that. LOW vibrational things. Music has the power to instantly alter your mood. To raise your vibration or if your seeking to manifest something VERY SPECIFIC, with intent, listen to music and use it to help you manifest.

Think of music 🎶 when you play a song it's usually anywhere from 3-5 minutes long at most. Listening to a song for that length of time (the Impact) will increase the manifesting and make it stronger. Music will inspire you, make you feel confident and make you feel happy. Which inturns raises your vibration.

Pay attention to what you listen to, and what you feed your spirit ✨ 💯

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