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Candles 🕯& Their Purpose

Soul Family! As Above So Below! #ProtectionCandle .... This candle as all my candles 🕯 are dressed and prepared with natural products! & herbs! 🕯🌱🌳🌾 No synthetic over here! #Boop! This candle has been created and designed for protection & Sheilding! & To keep your internal Light around you bright! 🤩💫🧘🏽‍♀️👁 if you are doing work or healing, this is a good purchase! To keep everything your doing protected! 🔐💫🔗 Even your home! 🏡😉 All my candles & products are designed and have been created to use during meditation as well! So check them out! My products will help you raise your vibration as well! If your feeling down and need a pick me up! Or a boost! 💥😇

Order your candles 🕯 ✨ Today

Asé 📿 🧿 🔥 💫

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