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Candles 🕯 Their Purpose

Heyyyy Queens! 😉😻💦🌻🌺 Ive been working really hard, to create this specific blend! Thats right Queens, & Goddesses! #ImEveryWoman #YoniSteams! Are now available for purchase! Yes Yoni Steams! & Yes For purchase! 😻🥰🌺💕♀️💫🧿 Ive done the research! And yes my formula has been created! And different from others out there! Yoni steams, aka the vagina! Your womb! Needs healing, love, cleaning, and rejuvenation! Have you had sexual TRAUMA! IVE GOT JUST THE STEAM FOR YOU! Are your periods off? Having longer cycles than usual? Or its showing and not showing for months at a time? Is your contraception messing with your cycle? Or having you been sleeping with demon dick? 🤣🍆🍌Thats leaving you exhausted, tired, even drained? Entity perhaps that has been left in your womb? Ive got it handled! 😻🌺💕♀️ This Yoni Steam will not only leave you feeling fresh, with an extra cleaning smell out of your kitty! #Meow #Purr but will balance out your cycles, heal sexual trauma, balance your hormones, & get your menstrual back on #TRACK! 😏😍😻♀️💕 Get your snatch back on track! 🤣😉😘😻 & Show her Some Well Needed Attention

Order Yours today 🧘🏽‍♀️🌺😻😉

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