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Death Of The Body, Is Not The the Final Destination ✨️🕊🙌🏽

I will explain .....

I just thought about this.

& it almost brought me to tears.

I cleared my energy and met him in the 5th dimension. Yes while I was awake.

I received a message from a good medium friend of mine, that he was waiting for me there. To meet him and talk to him. Only when I was READY to do so.

I was in all White. I walked right out of the bright white light in a white gown. That went all the way to the ground. It covered my feet.

I looked around me & saw that the place looked very familiar. When I realized it was the same place I met him when I first found out who he was to me. It was the garden. Full of flowers 💐🌸🏵🌼🌺🌷🌹🌻 It was so beautiful 😍 Troy was sitting on a bench waiting for me. In a black suit with his hair pulled back into a neat bun.

I walked up to him & I started to cry. He grabbed my hand and sat me down. Took his hands and wiped my tears. He said you know I love you & I know this is hard for you. I know it's breaking your heart 💔 but I need you to feel everything.

He said I miss you very much but I'm with you. Take my hand and let's take a walk in the garden.

It was something that I have NEVER experienced before.

He looks so bright 🙌🏽🧿 like his energy was super clean. He had no negative energy attached to him. No karma weighing him down. He looked so beautiful, peaceful, & weightless.

So calm and tranquil. Like I have never seen before. (Well not to this extent) I cried the whole time. Told him that miss him and that I don't want to leave. He said it will be okay. We will be together again when it's time.

I thanked him, hugged him & embraced him again.

It truly is an honor to experience him in this way. In our dream realm & our spiritual sacred space. ️ it was very emotionally overwhelming, to say the least. Even after being in that space with him for 30 minutes I still cried. I cried my way through it all. My tears are enough to flood the planet.

#TC #23 #LongLiveMyKing ️🕯🕊 ❤️

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