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Do you Need A Cleanse?

Hello Soul Tribe 🪄🌟🧿

it's about that time. We are slowly approaching, Full moon energy ✨ & The Full Moon is a wonderful time to banish ... clear, release and cut cords, best thing of all 😳🧐 Its the perfect time to do a cleanse. To remove negativity that is 🧐🧿 Yessss lets get your SPIRIT TOGETHER!! & LETS CLEAR YOU PAST LIFE KARMA! LETS OPEN YOUR ROADS!!! If your feeling low in energy, feeling like something is weighing you down. Do you feel like your roads have been blocked? Financially, spiritually, relationships are not in their best light. Having headaches, not sleeping, nights sweats or terrible nightmares. You are probably under a spiritual attack. There are such things as generational curses that could have been placed on your family, as well Your own negative energy thats manifesting your blocks. 🚫❌ Do you feel like someone has placed an evil eye on you? Do you feel or sense negative energies or presence around you or your home? Do you think an ex, or a current partners ex, has place something upon you to keep #YOU From moving forward in life or your sacred journey. Well look no further. I sell spiritual cleansings. You could need a simple energy cleanse, or an intense spiritual 🌟REJUVENATION please seek me out! Or contact me via email, or Dm for a consultation! A little secret 🤫 I love doing spiritual cleansings. Anything and everything can be fixed. So please dont hesitate to ask! Or seek spiritual guidance! It will be worth it! 🌟TrustMeOnThis .... #ManifestingMondays

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