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Dragonfly :

EMERGENCE Afternoon Soul Tribe. 🌟🧿 Happy First Full Moon Of The Year. You all are in an intense emergence cycle of your life. This Full Moon message is requiring for you all to emerge with grace move onto the next cycle of your life. The energy is asking you all to transition in the next ✨️ Phase of maturity. This phase that you are going through will require you to adjust your thinking and views about others and yourself & your community. There is not time for indecisiveness or contemplation as it will be happening very fast. You may feel like your are not prepared for such a dramatic change 🙃 😕 but you are. Your Consciousness is expanding Rapidly.This Full Moon is calling you to shed another layer of your EGO & to release any Illusions of being less than who you TRULY ARE. Put your wisdom ✨️ & experiences to Use. TAG A FRIEND 🌟 Follow @infinite_sorcery for your spiritual Indulgence ✨ 👇🏽 Check out my website at 👇🏽 🧿 🧿 Where all your healing needs come first 🌟 ✨ Click My Highlights To See All Products . . . . ✨ Download the Wix App Today to activate your healing journey . . . . ✨ Direct Message Me For Any Questions . . . . 🌟 Check Out My Clients Testimonys 🌟

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