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Fire Signs Twinflame

Hello Soul Tribe ✨

Following Message is for the week ...

Fire 🔥 Sign Twinflames 🔥🔥

Take what resonates & leave what doesnt.

The Temple! Your temple 🙌🏽

You are being called to be a devoted student ,

& pat close attention to your heart ❤

This is purely about Self-Love. Filling up your own cup 🥤👌🏽& filling up your own well , before it runs dry. Spend time with your soul!

Period! All the answers your seeking is in the portal of your heart. You need to make time each day to listen to your heart ❤ truthfully.

Commit to a daily devotional practice!

Your guides are extremely proud of you.

Student of a lineage. Or a spiritual ✨ teacher...

Is calling you ....

So pick up the phone....


Asé 📿🪄🕯🔥🧿

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