Go & Heal Your DEMONS 😈

Soul Tribe 💫

I'm posting This .....

This is for everyone that's on My page!

Especially if your projecting your traumas

Onto your partner 💯

All of you need to heal this aspects of your life ✨

all of yall are walking around...

Faking it like your healed....

& everytime they do something....

It triggers you! So work on it !

No one and I mean no one wants to deal with ... insecurities in a relationship 😪

Or jealousy! Or YOUR BAGGAGE!

From you previous relationship!

Face that shit !

Face your fears....

Control your head ... and your self sabotaging ways ....

You want something negative to happen

Because Your use to it ! BUT ITS NOT EVEN HAPPENING! & Thats sad!

You expect everyone... to be the same !

Because of the previous! & you want negative things to happen to justify your fears 😨 So you create scenarios in your head 😫🤔 that aren't even real.

You will fuck up a good thing doing that ...

Toxic shit ! 😒 ....

Go and sit your asses down by YOURSELF!

& Deal with your demons 😈....

& heal..... PERIOD! 💯🤟🏽

#SelfCareSaturdaze 💕

Asé 📿🪄🕯🧿🔥

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