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Happy Birthday Oshun 🎂 🌻

Today Is Your Birthday Oshun ....

💛💫🌻 Ori Ye Ye O !

Asé Mama Goddesses of The Water 💧 Fresh Waters! Lakes, Rivers & Ponds! She loves sunflowers! 🌻 Honey🍯 Mirrors! Shes associated with the sacral chakra! Goddess of love 💛 Passion ! Sensuality 🤩 Asé Oshun ! Thank you mama! For everything! Thank you ancestors for bringing me sweet things! Beautiful things! Thank you for allowing people to see the real beauty that lies within my soul! Thanks for walking with me! I am you and you are me! Asé Oshun 💋💫💛🍯🌻🧿🔥

Today is your day! And im headed mama ro honor you! You have been sending me bees 🐝 lol because you dont want me to forget today! I got your offerings My Love! Asé please continue to bless me & my beauty and my love! He needs your love right now!

Asè Ori Ye Ye O! Happy Birthday Oshun 🌻🍯💋

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