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Hello Soul Family!

Hello soul Family! Twinflames! Healers and those who are here seeking healing services! 🙏🏽🧿💫💕🔮 i welcome you to my place! My space that ive created for your needs! So moving forward! My space! Is created! For you and all of you! Now moving forward in order to book a session with me you have to book on my website 😀 😊 (Wix app) deposits are required on every reading service that I offer. Readings have to be booked 2 days prior to your reading session. Schedule are a follows. Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays are the days i am available for readings. Which means your reading session has to be booked 2 days before any one of the following days listed above. 🙏🏽 You are allowed to cancel a reading the day before, 20 cancelation fee will be due. So please be mindful & Enjoy! Look around! Asé Bless you all on your individual paths! & may the ancestors continue to bless your feet! 💫

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