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House 🏘 Cleaning Services 🪄🧿💫

Grand Rising Soul ✨ Tribe 🪄 📢 New Service Alert ‼️ 🌟Spiritual 🧿 House 🏘 Cleansing 🌟 This Service is now available on the Wix App. This Service is for anyone seeking or needing services in the 50 states. This Service is for anyone... who may need help with heavy energies, stagnant energies... and Cleansings and protection of the home. No matter how many rooms your house has. This is doable. Just please don't have me do a 12 bedroom house lol 😆 This Service is to bring back the Light 🪄🌟 In your home. Are you feeling unwanted energies? Thickness in the home? Kind of like possibly you may can't breathe, having trouble sleeping? 😴🤔 then you may need a Cleansing of the home. To release the old energy 🕯🙏🏽🔥 & to bring in the new energy ✨👌🏽🧿 If you maybe interested on a house 🏠 cleaning .... please feel free to contact me today ☺ so we can discuss things moving forward.

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