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How My Candle Healing Works 🧿🕯📿

Hey Soul Family 🧿 💫

Grand rising Kings & Queens of The Realm.

I wanted to give you all a brief description of my candle 🕯 ✨ Work. Now how i got started with this is very long but to make it short. I am a Twinflame 💙🔥💜 I resonate with both the masculine & feminine energy.

Some days i operate out of one or the other. Now it came through several readers where the head of my Matriarch line is in fact a bruja. Born, pure blood. 🧿💫🔥📿

My line goes as far as Harriet Tubman , yes that far. 🙏🏽😉💫🧿🔥😌 Now she was a candle 🕯 worker. So i naturally of course was chosen to carry the legacy (Crown) of the ones who came before me. Their power, My Power🔥⚡ Is in the candle work. So my candle work goes as follows: Now we all have chakras. Which from my knowledge alot of people were not aware they had them. They are represented by the following colors :


Now each chakra point within the body holds a specific characteristics & Energy.

This is how you as a human vessel function, operate and maneuver throughout your daily life. 😉 Now when the energy is blocked or stuck , & also not balanced you will feel energetically off. You may also be under spiritual attack.

We as humans have An Aura. Which is an energetic feild which extends out 6ft from your actual body. Which protects you from unwanted energies, getting sick ect. Now with my candle 🕯work I figure out what's causing the block & then Tadaaaa The candle is created to the specific person. Flame aka Fire 🔥 is the fastest way to burn through distortions and unwanted energies that may have you feeling tired, drained, anger, resentful, even confused 😕

Each chakra houses a different energy to allow you to function at your best self and highest Vibrational frequency. 🌟☝🏽💫

Look 👁👁 at it like this. You set something on fire 🔥 and its gone correct?

Yes asé its the same with candles. You light it and there goes the work. Now on thw contrary to what some believe 🤔 😏 If im healing you or any other healer, we do not & I Mean do not do all of the work for you. I give you the energy, & Its up to you to do the Work work work work work work in Rhiannas Voice 😂😌 You have to want the help and seek it and follow through. Use the candle 🕯 ✨ 😌 work as a reminder that you have to or want to get rid of your blockages. Which means get out of your own way.

Asé 📿 🧿 🔥 💫

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