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"I know the position & role I must play whenever I leave here & get to where I'm going next." -T.C

~Our Twinflame Story~

June 18th, 2021

I remember this conversation like it was yesterday. You see, this is the thing with grief 😔 when you look back on the conversations right before someone leaves your life, you start to then notice how all the signs were there.

You just have to listen 🧘🏾‍♀️✨️🕊

Troy had called me late at night on June 18th.

He said "yo babe" I said yes papa what's up? He said you wouldn't believe the shit I just went through. I said what's going on talk to me, he then said "You home"? I said yes he said what you doing, outside on the steps smoking"? I said yes I just got in from work & I need to clear my energy from work. I said " I called you earlier where were you? He said, " I went to the water 💧 to clear my head and get some clarity." The details of what happened next is something that would blow anyone's mind. He said this bitch ( karmic baby mother) I said oh God what did the demon do now? He said u know I was with the kids right, so I left hopped in my car, and went on a ride. He said I was gone for about 4 hours came back to hang with the boys & the door was locked. I said okay, so what happened He said everyone locked me out. I texted and called her stupid ass phone and of course, she ignored me so I called the kids on the iPad. & told one of them to let me in. He then said of course it was a blow-up and she came poppin shit about the door etc. I said so did you ask her why the fuck were you locked out. He said it was the slick remark " oh we forgot about you" and "we ain't know you left". Of course naturally I became upset right along with him. Having a narcissistic karmic baby mother 👩‍🍼 was enough to drive any dedicated father up the wall. It was what he said next that shook me to my soul. Even more so now because now, I knew what he meant. At that time I thought he meant something else.

Troy said to me I can't wait to get the fuck away from here. Away from all this bullshit. I said baby I know it's going to be okay. It's coming we gonna be alright. He said this second surgery on my hip is stressing me I'm scared, & I kinda don't want to go through with it. I said baby think positive and I'm sending you good energy toward it ️ &

He got real quiet 🤫 & I said baby talk to me. You have my undivided attention what's wrong? He said you know what? I got this. I'm good. I said what do you mean by that. Troys next sentence was enough to send chills through my spine. He said, " I know the position & the role I must whenever I leave here & get to where I'm going next." I got real nervous I said babe what are you talking about? It's like he couldn't explain it. He tried to but the words just wasn't forming the way he wanted them to. He said don't worry babe you'll see. I know. "I said babes what's going on? & still he couldn't explain it. I thought in that moment he mean when he was moving in with me. It had literally went over my head in that moment. Now, but now he wasn't even talking about that at all. It pains me to say this 😪 but I wish 🤞🏽 that I understood it then in that 3 hour conversation. I had no idea ✨️

Man, this .... this is one conversation that out of all of our conversations in half a decade, I wish I would of had the insight that I have now. You see when you pay attention to people you notice everything 💯 their silence 🔕 speaks and echos louder than their words. I notice his breathing, his heart ❤️ beat. His heart would speed up faster when he was next to me. Even while he slept next to me. I would watch his chest and his heartbeat was literally coming through his chest. Faster & faster it went his heart beat. I don't know exactly what took place at that beach. What I think happened actually what I know because I just asked him, I said were you told that when you went to the water. He made my pendulum swing yes really fast like the damn thing was going to swing out of my hands ✋🏾He said "I was told where I was going next at the beach."

#TC knew alot about alot. Hell #TC knew about shit from other timelines & other Realms & higher dimensions. The knowledge of things I haven't even begun to comprehend #TC already knew. You see as Higher soul My Divine Masculine #TC was smarter than what he led people to believe. His 3rd eye 👁🧿🪬was cracked wide 😳 opened. He just played it cool. Real chill real low key 🔑 💯 Troy literally had the keys & knowledge to the universe. He had all the tools 🔧 🧿

May You Rest In Grace ️🕊 My King 🤴🏽

This is only the beginning 🤍

#TC #23 #LongLiveMyKing ️🕊❤

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