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I said that death was coming & no one believed me.

Today I got a phone call that I wasn't prepared for.

I got the call today that my aunt passed away. Then Saturday night my uncle passed away. The day before new years eve my brother called me to tell me that my sister's husband (my brother-in-law) was murdered 💔 & he died in her arms at work. While my nephews were there. 37 days before that I found out that the love of my life and his children were killed. I don't even know what to say to anyone anymore.TRUTHFULLY.

Death has been around my family & surrounded me and I CANT FUCKING STOP IT. 💔 😪 😔

I had a training on Friday. For my Job.

It was 4 of us and the instructor. I haven't been to this facility in 8 years probably 9.

The teacher was starting the lesson for CPR training. Why not, since I'm already out here saving lives right?

While she was teaching. I got distracted by the tree outside which had no leaves by the way. Everyone else looked right behind me. The teacher was like what's going on I said Sorrent you don't see this tree in front of our window with all these crows.

She said crows? the other staff said YEAHHH LOOK AT THEM.

Mind you I was counting (Swipe left)

They literally looked like the picture. All big and huge. Sitting on branches with no leaves. I counted 16 crows. 16 FUCKING CROWS.

I said that's not a good sign. Something bad is coming.

I literally heard troy said death is coming babes.

Now mind you, I heard him, plus the lights flickered in the room we were in. Only 5 of us physically but with troy there it was 6 of us.

I literally said out loud death is coming & I'm pretty sure noone paid me any mind.

Today I got the phone call that my Aunt passed away today & my uncle passed away the day after I saw the crows. Literally not even 24 hours between the 2.

Its been non stop death since I found out about troy. I don't know what God is doing or what's happening around me but it's something VERY SERIOUS.


I have no words. I've been saying this for a while that death wants this family. There is a bigger picture here & I can't wait until I find out what that is.

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