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Luz Y Progresso Ancestor Altar Class 🕯✨️🤍

Blessed Rising

My Soul Family.🪬🤍

🗣Shout out to all my new followers.

Welcome to Infinite Sorcery where all your healing needs come first 🤲🏾✨️🕯

Please have a seat and enjoy

The spiritual enlightenment.🕯

You coming across my page and my platform is not an accident 💯

There will be NO elevation without an altar.

A House with an altar is Ungrounded.

I will be kicking off my return from my sabbatical with an ancestral altar class.

This class will take place on

November 29 2023 @2pm eastern time.

Which is the last Wednesday of the month.

The payment for this class is NON-REFUNDABLE. Meaning once you pay for this class and you don't attend the actual class your money will not be refunded.

Your elevation & your ancestral knowledge is your responsibility 💯🕯✨️🤍

This class will be a hour long. It may run over and if it does that is okay. 👍🏾

I will also give you all time after the class to ask any questions that you may have. Pertaining to your ancestors & your altars.

I will cover everything you all NEED to know.

I will be discussing placements, prayers, how to lift them correctly so that they're are on the altar & The Dos & Don't of your ancestral altar.

The ancestral altar is good for healing the bloodline, generational trauma & Generational curses as well as breaking karmic debt that your ancestors have left behind. Through working with your ancestors alot of things will infact be cleared as well as to help you with your own elevation and your healing 😀

You will not walk through any doors unless you start with your ancestors FIRST 💯 👌🏽

They will lead you to exactly where you NEED to he for your highest good & your divine purpose

Thank you to those of you who have booked your seat in this class. I can't wait to meet all of you.

To book your slot please follow the instructions in the post that has been provided. Click the link in my bio to submit your payments to book your seat.


Blessings & Welcome to Infinite Sorcery

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