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Message From Obatala 🕊

Good Evening Spiritual Tribe 🕊 Message From Obatala Orisha 🕊 This is an urgent message. Some of you all are NOT doing what your suppose to be doing regarding your spiritual ✨️ Nature. What was said was GET YOUR SPIRIT IN LINE. SIMPLE AS THAT. what was said was some of you all are pushing your spiritual obligations and spirtual tasks to the back. Telling yourself and others that you will do it later. Hes saying there is no later DO IT NOW. Get started. Look into your Lineage, & do your research. What was also said is what is coming some of you are NOT SPIRITUALLY PREPARED TO HANDLE THE FORCE & WRATH ON WHATS MANIFESTING. Your spirtual things, Egun, ancestors and your saints, LOA, Haitian Vodun, Orisha, Yoruba, Indians need to be in alignment & they need to be venerated. They need to come forth. Congolese as well. ( right leg twich) confirmation. What's headed some of you are going to INDEED CRUMBLE under spiritual pressure. It's going to get hot 🔥 🥵 Cleanses, ocha, initations, Head Cleanses, Head Alignments. Ect Also I'm hearing cleaning of some of your homes 🏡 IS DESPERATELY NEEDED. Take the steps to get it done. Stop delaying and procrastinating on certain things. That you ABSOLUTELY NEED. As well as things that NEED to be done. Some of you all are not spiritually strapped and or protected. Things are about to get kicked up a notch. Do NOT say you weren't warned. The nudges you are receiving those are your spirit ✨️ guides and ancestors telling you what is needed. Hard Head is going to make a soft ass. Maferefun Obatala 🤍 🕊 🧿

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