Message From Spirit 🕊

Afternoon Spiritual Tribe 🌟

So I received this message lastnight

While I was doing amd preparing

Client orders. What I heard was cleanses are needed.

My God mother said the same thing to me earlier today as well. She said alot of prayers and cleansings need to happen.

Now with all that's going on in the world, and coming in contact with other energies you all should be cleansing very frequently.

I heard protections need to be in place.

& cleanses NEED TO BE DONE. 🌟

If you are experiencing blockages (cleanses)

Experiencing tons of negativity (cleanse)

Dealing with negative emotions (cleanse)

Arguments out of nowhere consistently (cleanses)

Feeling out of alignment (Cleanse)

Can't sleep, things going left 😪 house in an uproar.

Negative Things happening alot (Cleanse)

You should be cleansing every season.

There are 4 seasons in a year. 🕊🌊🧿

And also doing mini cleanses in-between

Major ones.

Praying 🙏🏽 🤲🏾 with your ANCESTORS is also a must.

& Giving them light as well.

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