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Message From Your Divine Counterpart & Spirit ✨️

Divine Message: 💭🧿🧘🏽‍♀️✨️

From Spirit & Your Divine Counterpart.....

Take this message as it resonates.

This is a Double Message: From 2 Separate Energies.

What seems to be happening here is

They are in balance ebbing and flowing with spirit which is why this messages is coming from both ends.🤍

The message here is Take Back Your POWER.

Reserve your energy ✨️ and Protect your peace of mind. BODY & SPIRIT.

Some of you all need to put your foot down and SAY NO. No matter how much guilt you may feel when doing so both parties are saying it's needed.

If your caught up in the progress of others, their Kaos & their energy

How are you maintaining your OWN?

Your not.

These individuals don't know how to STOP

Or rather they don't notice that they are doing it.

Stand in your POWER


For some of you, you are currently

Closing out A MAJOR CYCLE that your divine Counterpart needs you to focus on along side with them.

You cannot afford to be distracted at this time. Keep your eyes opened or you will miss these signs and a big opportunity ✨️ 💯 👌🏽 😉

Solar Plexus 💛 🕯 Healing Is Needed For Most Of You.

Be Blessed Asé 🙌🏽

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