New Moon In Aquarius ♒️ Hostilities

Spiritual Tribe 🔮

Welcome to the Snow ❄️ Moon

New Moon 🌚 In Aquarius ♒️

Take the message as it resonates to you.

For those of you who were on live & have received your new moon message this doesn't pertain to you, or yet it just may.

The card definitely is linked to your solar plexus, root chakra throat chakra , & mother Earth chakra. 🌎 🧘🏽‍♀️

Panther is in total protection mode.

Ready to pounce. There is a situation that will come to head or it is on its way to you. Linked to family members for some of you and others work. This situation will have you feeling very defensive. Hostilities in the work life. BIG TIME CONFLICT. Im also picking up internal battles your struggling with as well. Pay direct attention to people and places who are draining your personal power 🔋

It is time to make the decision to protect your energy and YOUR POWER 🔥 With the fierceness of a panther ready to let them know, they must tread lightly. The need to speak up is Rising to the surface. Reduce the temptation to just give in

To AVOID conflict. Your spirit guides are saying NO NO NO. Speak up & be an advocate on your own behalf.

When you take back your power this will piss them off. At this point who gives a damn. Protecting yourself comes FIRST.

Don't let fear take over be brave & determined. Your are divinely protected.

Be Good

Be Well

Be Blessed


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