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Olokun 🌊 & Oshun 🌻 #2021

Grand Riches Soul

Tribe These 2 dieties, need their just do this year.

What is intresting is that my reader told me about the both of them at the beginning of the year In January, they both came out in my READING. Olokun 🧿 & Oshun 🌻

I was told that this year #2021 IS THEIR YEAR! PERIOD!

& If you are children of Either one of them ... Olokun 🧿 and or oshun 🌻 that preparing things for them (such as candles or offerings), or if they are coming to you. Now is the time. I've already had Olokun come to me in my dreams, crazy thing is it was pertaining to my Divine Masculine 🧿 (TWINFLAME🔥🔥). Every new moon a candle or offering needs to be given in their honor. To either one of them. I suggest you do them in rotation. Like one new moon do olokun the next one do Oshun ... or you can do them on their specific days of the week. The day of the week that corresponds to each of them.

Oshun 🌻 day of the week is Tuesday Olokun 🧿 🌊 day of the week is... Saturday.

I was told by my reader ... if you have not planted the seeds you needed to last year, do NOT expect to get anything this year in #2021. #2021 is the year of wealth, health, abundance and prosperity. You all need to get on it. I will be offering olokun & Oshun candles all year! Take care of your head this year & your MENTAL HEALTH!

Watch out & keeps eyes on your mother if she is still living. If your mother has passed, give her light ... (white candle)

She (your mother) may be assisting you from the other side ⭐🪄🧿🕯

Please take precautions against Covid-19.

Wash hands ect. Cleanliness is next to godliness 💫😌🙏🏽 #PERIOD. Take heed to this post. All seeds that you have planted and sewn last year will manifest itself in your 3d life this year! 😆🧿🪄💫🙏🏽🦋

Separation in relationships that don't come back together will happen this year as well, due to EGO! & PRIDE! (Refrain from altercations with them)

Do not argue with the person your in separation with for it will causes blockages for your fruit and your alignment. Clean your HOMES 🏡 ✨

Spiritually (Something negative in YOUR HOME) (This needs to be a practice)

Especially if a power has been bestowed upon you! By the Divine ! I have a floor wash that I also sell for this specific purpose! Prepare and make oshun baths 🛁🌻⭐ to prosper this year ✨ as well.

Olokun resides in the deepest parts of the ocean dark deep blue 💙 sea! He hold all the secrets! Everything that gets lost in the sea is his domain. Ruler of Great Wealth Health & Prosperity!

At the bottom of the ocean 🌊🧿

Oshun is the goddess of love 🌻💛

Fertility, & healing she can heal and create life. She will also take everything away of she feels like you are ungrateful for what she has given you so be ware!

Who laughs last will laugh the hardest!

The very thing you don't want to DO...



& Pay attention: .....

Asé 📿🪄🕯🧿🔥

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