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Hey Soul Family 🧿💫 Needing to get rid of any unwanted residual negative energy. This is what you need. This is my energy clearing house wash. 💥🧹🏘🧼💫 This is specifically created to do just that. This house wash can be use for mopping the floors. Cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen countertops, doorhandles, shower, Even for cleaning down your sacred (NOT YOUR ALTER OR TOOLS) space 🙏🏾🧘🏽‍♀️💫🧿🔮 as well. This wash is even good for windows panels, and good for washing down all of your doors in the house. Bed rails ect. You can even pour some in Your laundry. This will remove any stagnant unwanted energy, that resides in Your home. This also gives the house a seal. From unwanted negative energies as well. It will also make the energy feel lighter in the home. Contact me for Your Spiritual Sealant Today! & Yes I Do Ship Out Of State. #SpiritualCleanse #SpiritualWash 🏘

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