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✨️ Quality Over Quantity 🕊

️ This Was A Deep Message: 🕊

It's the ENTITLEMENT for me & Its The ENTITLEMENT for my spirits as well.

We need to make better choices, conscious choices as to who we receive 🙌🏽 & as to whom we share our energy with.

Our choices need to be more conscious.

& made with clarity 👌🏽

People presume and ASSUME one thing which INFACT that's not how it goes at all.

When you ASSUME-

You make an Ass- Outta You And Me.


Your spot or space in someone's life is temporary: & that as well is subject to interpretation. So many different things play a factor as to why your still in someone's space.

People are out here walking around with hidden agendas. To use you, to manipulate you, to turn you against your OWN truth for their OWN SELFISH reasons & Also to turn you aganist people whom you never EVER had a problem with.

They want to hold on so tightly that they themselves are sabotaging the truth & smothering IT with lies & Destroying the VERY foundation of what a HEALTHY connection IS SUPPOSE TO BE AND FEEL LIKE 💯

Make people earn your energy, EARN their spot in YOUR life don't just give it to them freely make them PUT IN THE WORK TO BE AROUND YOU. Energy is not free .....


With wisdom & Profound Knowledge

Ethereal Sorceress ️🕊💕

💋 I'm Outtie ✌🏽

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