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Hello Spiritual Tribe ✨️ Full Moon 🌕 In Leo ♌️ #RETREAT Go Within & Sit with self. Full moon energy will be triggering For most people. Retreat doesn't mean Ghost or dissappear. It means to sit and relax and reconnect with your 👍🏾 authentic self. You have been over working your body and your mental space. Now is the time spirit is saying that you need to recharge. Some of you are placing yourselves into situations and environments that are not in harmony with your true nature. Pull yourself out of the demanding needs from the mundane (human) World 🌎 & meditate 🧘🏽‍♀️ & Sit in silence 🔕 Give yourself more time to connect with YOUR Spirit ✨️ Not Anyone Else's. Remove yourself from low vibrational influences and frequencies. Even though it may be tempting its not for you to be in the middle of it. Keep that in mind, because truth be told that's what's draining your energy 💯👌🏽 Follow @infinite_sorcery for your spiritual Indulgence ✨ Full Moon Is Here Have you purchased your cleansing products yet? 👇🏽 Check out my website at 👇🏽 🧿 🧿 Where all your healing needs come first 🌟 🧿 I Ship packages 📦 Worldwide 🌐 ✈️ . . . . ✨ Click My Highlights To See All Products . . . . ✨ Download the Wix App Today to activate your healing journey . . . . ✨ Direct Message Me For Any Questions . . . . 🌟 Check Out My Clients Testimonys 🌟

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Today I got a phone call that I wasn't prepared for. I got the call today that my aunt passed away. Then Saturday night my uncle passed away. The day before new years eve my brother called me to tell

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