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Welcome back to infinite Sorcery 🌟 Where all your healing needs come first 🧿 This years list of Retrograde planets of 2022. Retrograde planets are essential 👌🏽 for your personal development and internal growth. Planets have ALWAYS & I mean always have gone retrograde. We honestly just never payed attention to it. We probably thought it was bad luck or bad karma or even freak things just happening around us or to us. Planets that go retrograde ARE SUPER POWERFUL and have a profound impact on your personal development. Planets going retrograde and there spiritual function 🙌🏽 ✨️ linked to astrology is significant for you. When planets go retrograde the energy doesn't affect you on an external level, it affects you on and internal level. Needing you to go inward. Focus on yourself. Retrogrades will either leave you feeling full of spastic energy, or have you feeling extremely tired 😫 😩 😴 restless and unfocused.

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