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Saturn & Jupiter Conjunction 12/21 winter solstice

Soul family 💫🤯😏🧿 To understand

How saturn and Jupiter will affect you personally & to get a better understanding please read the following :

Saturn represents rules, regulations, government and the traditional ways of doing this. Saturn 🪐constricts and contracts. Jupiter represents blessings, 🙏🏽 spiritual insights, 🔮 and new ways of seeing things.🧿 It’s expansive and open.There will be a battle between these two planets over the next year as they travel through Aquarius ♒

Saturn is called “The Lord of Karma”.  

Saturn 🪐asks us to be disciplined and take authority over our lives. Saturn 🪐 transits such as this one can give mixed results, for many it feels like everything is all over the place. We are shown all the ways we need to step up. Everything can 🚨 fall apart.

For others,

Saturn 🪐 brings rewards for a job well done.

 Saturn 🪐 wants us to grow, evolve and become the owner of our lives. To step up and be responsible for ourselves. If we haven’t done the work, Saturn 🪐 can come along and test us by breaking everything apart. If we’ve done the work Jupiter can come along and bless us. 🤲🏽💫😏🤞🏽🙏🏽

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