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Stop Taking From my cup when yours is completely EMPTY! 💯 444 PM

MESSAGE ‼️ This right here 👏🏽 💯 I agree with 1000 % Stop asking me for help .... Stop telling me about situations.... that you are getting free advice on... if YOUR NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT WHATS GOING ON! 💯💯 This is exactly why I'm on hiatus From personal interactions. I noticed that alot of people .... like hiding Behind the wall and never actually want to put in the real work, or real authentic energy 💯 Behind their OWN healing ✨ I Take my healing very seriously.... Because my goal is ... I don't want to be Toxic, negative, or always living in FEAR. I want to be a healthy mother, friend and companion. I don't want to project none of my insecurities onto others that don't deserve it. I don't want people waisting my time either, about wanting the help and continously making up excuses on what they cannot do. Or pulling on my energy with their own EMPTY CUPS 🥤 😌 I pray everytime that the universe sends ME clients that want to heal 😌 🙏🏽 ✨ And want to live their best life without waisting my time. People want you to keep draining your own energy.... for situations and things that they can conquer if they WOULD JUST DO THE INNER-WORK. ITS THAT SIMPLE ... STOP TRYING TO SKIP THE PROCESS OF HEALING .... ITS NECCESSARY. I STICK BY THIS! #TalkYoShitThursdays Asé 📿🪄🕯🧿🔥

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