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The Bigger Picture Still Eludes You .....

Spirit lead me .....

where my trust is without borders

Let me walk upon the waters ....

Wherever you would call me.

Take me deeper than my feet could

Ever wonder & my faith ...

Would be made stronger .....

In the presence ️ of my savior.

I'm supposed to be asleep but I wanted to leave this message that I'm guided to share with you all.

As you start your day, start it with Prayer & end it with prayer.

Most of the people I know for a fact don't do this.

Transitioning through my grief & Troys I realized how much people take people for granted. Most of you don't even realize that you yourselves are walking amongst angels ️ in the flesh.

Those who are here to teach, lead, heal, and love you all unconditionally without fear or fault. To guide you even while we are still stagnant in some places ourselves.

We live in an unpredictable world. We are gifted individuals who are supposed to teach us lessons. Help us seek ourselves within ourselves. To walk us through Enlightenment. To show us that there is a better way.

To heal family trauma, and generational karma, and to integrate our higher selves.

To live life to the fullest ️ & our fullest potential.

Troy was a gift 🎁🤞🏽🙌🏽 that not only did God give me but he gave troy to others as well. Troys' death has allowed me to not only sit with his passing but to break down the how & the why?

Because like Troy told me "You know better than anyone that there was a bigger and much higher reasoning as to why I had to leave."

& " why it happened this way."

& I have exactly that. Does it make it easier? Fuck NO!

Do I have a better understanding of it? Yes, I do!

The most painful thing about His passing is that 💔 😔 I was told that I need him more in spirit right now than I do in the flesh. 😞🥺 Talk about slicing my heart.

His passing has made me do my life review.

Am I okay with where I am now?

Have I accomplished all that I needed to in this lifetime?

If our higher power and Troy came and got me right now will I be okay with things?

Did I fulfill my soul contract & learn the lessons that I asked to learn before coming here and aligning myself with my higher self & with Troy?

People be so caught up in their chaos, that they can not see the bigger picture that eludes them still. If I'm allowed to I will explain at a later date. I'm on borrowed time. Just like Troy was. Just We came here to complete a task. Not only to live in our TRUTH but to embrace the unknown ️& to trust it. We are Divinely guided & are being led by a force much bigger than ourselves. I know for a fact that when he spoke from spirit 💯 people got upset and what he said half the time went right over their heads. Same thing with me. Until people are left to think about the conversation. Think about the impact of your words on others. How you treated them. That will be in your life review you never know if that is a lesson for you to learn & possibly may be a reason why you have to return because the lesson has not been learned or embraced.

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