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To Project or Not To Project ... That is the QUESTION?

Are you projecting, your unhealed wounds unto others?

Some of you all are projecting your unhealed wounds unto others. What's interesting is some of you all don't even know or even noticed your doing it.

Recenter yourself! Focus and breathe deeply ✨

Collect your energy and call your power back to you. Some of you all are too close to the edge. Step back before you fall.

Before you respond, read and comprehend and then respond to whatever it is from a centered place.

Allow others to express themselves, without dismissing them and making them feel like whatever it is they are experiencing is NOT IMPORTANT.

We should be giving others space to feel safe. Not to snatch their safety from underneath them.

We HAVE to better as a community, as souls and as HEALERS!

Asé 🧘🏽‍♀️💭🧿🌟

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