Twinflame Ascension Message Full Moon In Pisces ♓️ Air 🌬 Signs

Full Moon In Pisces

Twinflames Message:

From The Higher Realms

🌬Air Signs Sun 🌞 Signs Only

For Both Masculine & Feminine Energies

Take the message as it resonates For You, & Leave what doesnt SUIT you.

11:11 I am Enough

Let Go Of Expectations:

Claim your worth. Doing so will allow you to let go of Expectations. As the saying goes & we all know this. Expectations leads to disappointments. Shift your focus to fulfilling your own needs. This will then release the conditions you have placed on others & yourself. This will ignite your freedom.

This energy resides in your solar plexus. 💛 There is any energy that has been placed upon you by others, that is causing you to strive for over achievement. The key to feeling your best & feeling good enough is to work on and to enhance your self esteem, self awareness & self confidence.

You are going through an intense change & you are being transformed into someone different. Do not fight this change. Do not need this change with resistance either. Praise yourself for your accomplishments and celebrate your success 🙌🏽 ✨️ no matter how small or big.

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