Twinflame Ascension Message Full Moon In Pisces ♓️ Earth 🌎 Signs

Full Moon In Pisces

Twinflames Message:

From The Higher Realms

Earth 🌎 Signs Sun 🌞 Signs Only

For Both Masculine & Feminine Energies

Take the message as it resonates For You, & Leave what doesnt SUIT you.

2:2 Divine Order 🪄

Paitence is a Virtue. Everything is how it needs to be right now. Trust in divine or and in divine timing 🙏🏽 Look Past the Illusions and focus your energy on divine order. Your are currently going through life lessons that are teaching you paitence, trust and timing. These are life lessons that you MUST master for your soul to evolve. This message from spirit is telling you Earth 🌎 Signs to trust the process & to relinquish your control and flow. Allow divine guidance & Divine Order to Lead You. Rushing the process will not allow you to make clear and precise decisions. Live more consciously in the present moment. Stay grounded. Spirit is saying get out of YOUR own WAY. Allow space for you to receive blessings that will exceed your current expectations ✨️

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