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Twinflames 🔥 🔥

Grand Rising Soul Tribe ✨

During this 12:12 portal

Source had me channel a specific message.

This message is for Twinflames: those of you all that are in this timeline. Currently:

So please do not force this message if its not for you. If its for you, or if it resonates you will know. Listen to your intuition ✨ 😌 🧘🏽‍♀️🧿

This is an intuitive message. Spirit has asked me to post this and let you all focus on this message. Look at the picture and what it's trying to convey to you all. The message is #Juggler

Focus on the images. What catches your eye in the picture is what needs to be said unto you.

Some of you all are juggling way too many things and spirit is trying to tell you to do one thing at a time. Manage your time wisely and focus on your priorities 👌🏽 😉 ✨

What catches your eye in this image is what NEEDS YOUR ATTENTION NOW. you need to focus on your priorities and this is all about balancing your LIFE as a whole. You could also be ignoring things that need your focus. Now is the time for you to start making things happen. Taking Action is NEEDED! Whatever image is jumping out at you is WHAT THEY (SPIRIT)

Is trying to get you to focus on. So now is the time. Get focused, tie up loose ends. Finish what you have started. Get it going Get your mind, body, and spirit on the same page ✨ Get balanced & clear, on your decisions and clean it up. Get aligned ! Get organized!


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