Twinflames 🔥🔥 🌬 Air Signs

🌬 Air Signs

Twin Flame Ascension Message:

🧿 Please take what resonates & leave what doesnt. ✨

Some of you all may very well be dealing with a karmic connection. (Thats what's coming through for some) A Karmic is a person, Place Or Thing.

Karmic connections are generally presented to you, to help you release past relationships that are directly linked to unrequited love ❤️

Do not jump into a new relationship until you have fully healed your wounds from a previous connection.

(Could be with a Leo 🤔) If not, you may potentially attract another karmic partner and restart another karmic cycle.

Let Go and release feelings of not feeling good enough for a lasting love.

Make it a point to set loving boundaries into your life.

This karmic partner needs to be released. See the blessing in the lesson to let go of unrequited love ❤️ ( one sided relationships) karmic partners are here to assist you in releasing emotional ties linked to codependency and jealousy 😮‍💨 which are addictive and obsessive behaviors. Releasing this connection will help you to move forward with healthy relationships. Please exit this roller coaster 🎢 ride of a toxic cycle with your heart ❤️ still in tact 😉

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