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Twinflames Fire 🔥 Signs

Fire Signs 🔥

Twin Flame Ascension Message:

🧿 Please take what resonates & leave what doesnt. ✨

To attract the abundance you are seeking you must become one ️ with yourself. To achieve this you need to release old stories and reprogram your belief systems.

You are restoring your balance within.

Stand firm and strong in your beliefs. Stay connected to your core values as well. Do not sacrifice who YOU are to fit in. Make them hear you walk and feel your InnerG. This will help you stay EMPOWERED 🔥 Keep setting boundaries with love, & honor your self respect 🙏🏽 👏🏽 ❤️ 👍🏾

You will align with real love 😏 when you yourself learn how to just be yourself. You determine your own self worth ✨ by not seeking outside validation on Who YOU ARE authentically.

Keep in mind Always Choose LOVE ❤️ over FEAR 😨

💋 I'm Outtie ✌🏽

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