Venus ♥️ In Virgo ♍️

New Moon In Libra ️ Love Messages ❤️

What you need to know at this time :

If you are currently dating & Or in the Talking Phase Of Your Dynamic

These messages are for you .....

Don't shoot the messenger 😏

These Love messages 🪄

Are directly linked to your Venus sign.

To find your Venus sign which is the romantic part of yourself

Look into your astrological Chart Under

Venus & that's where you will find it.

Good Luck & Happy Love ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️

Take the message As It Resonates:

If it doesn't appy let it fly

Venus ♥️ In Virgo

Oh I Think They Like YOU....

If you were wondering if they like you, Oh they DO, BIG TIME. & it's strong too.

The casual flirting 😩😏

Phewww chilleeeee they literally just said ...

It's something about they way you move 🙀🙊

That is it .... That Is The Message.

💋 I'm Outtie 5000 ✌🏽


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