Venus ♥️ Sign In Aquarius ♒️

New Moon In Libra ️ Love Messages ❤️

What you need to know at this time :

If you are currently dating & Or in the Talking Phase Of Your Dynamic

These messages are for you .....

Don't shoot the messenger 😏

These Love messages 🪄

Are directly linked to your Venus sign.

To find your Venus sign which is the romantic part of yourself

Look into your astrological Chart Under

Venus & that's where you will find it.

Good Luck & Happy Love ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️

Take the message As It Resonates:

If it doesn't appy let it fly

Venus ♥️ In Aquarius

Hammer 🔨

I literally heard 3rd party situation.

Aquarius ️ your are Dancing in the forbidden palace. Becareful. I'm not sure if you yourself are the 3rd party involved or your person of interest 🤔 is the 3rd party but someone in this connection is trying to sabotage your love life. Or is it you 🤔 Aquarius sabotaging your OWN LOVE LIFE.

Someone is going to get caught up and will soon be approached If you haven't been approached already with the 21 questions.

Someone is DETERMINED.

Always be prepared if its mutual & is worth saving then work on it. Of its too much for you then you know what to do.

Play smart NOT hard.

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