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Waist Beads 📿 Announcement :

Grand Riches Soul Tribe ✨

All waist beads that were purchased...

Have been mailed out. Please check your emails for your tracking numbers.

Waist Beads Alert: .....

Starting now , & in the future.....

If you contact me about waist beads.

And want me to put them on hold before your payment. Your beads will be on a 24 hour hold. After that they will go back in the pile ...

For sale. No exceptions! No excuses! ....

This is Final .... thank you for your business

And your love. I appreciate you all, but keep in mind this is a BUSINESS!

Grand Rising Soul Family 💜 💫 benefits of waist beads: In Africa the women wore waist beads to show suitors their status. Virgins wore 📿 beads, to let men know she is 🤍 pure Married women wore waist📿 beads, to let other men know that she was NOT AVAILABLE 🛑 single women in Africa also wore waist 📿beads to show that they were single & looking for a partner. I bless and i charge the beads with intentions. All beads are blessed the same. 🧿🙏🏽💫💕🧘🏽‍♀️🔥 Swipe left 👉🏽 to see client Review & the beads i have left. 😃😉

Dm me for yours Today.

Asé 📿🪄🕯🧿🔥




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